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Gatekeeper and Access Control for Enhanced Security

A key duty of a security guard is to control the access and egress to a facility or area. The purpose of controlling access and egress is to ensure that only authorized personnel, vehicles, and materials are allowed to enter, move within, and leave the facility. For the basic safety and security reasons, you don't want just anybody entering your building, site, or event. Plus, you want to keep tabs on who’s coming in and who’s going out in order to, say, meet fire and safety regulations, amongst other things. Controlling access is therefore one of the most important and fundamental security measures you can take. Our experienced officers act as door and gatekeepers to fulfill the purposes of Gatekeeper Access Control for every commercial and residential sites in Leicestershire.

Pronounced Benefits of Site Gatekeeper Access Control Provided by Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS)

Hiring our expertise gatekeeper security service, as a worksite owner, it becomes flexible for you in workforce and site management and monitoring by means of one-key means of contact. We have developed and programmed smart access control to provide the clients with the utmost security and safety while retaining the ability in accessing real-time project data, progress, and reports. Thus, the key benefits of gatekeeper access control systems are:

  • Usage Flexibility - The Access Control systems prove their useful benefits for both long-term and short-term consignments.
  • Our services provide the clients with a dedicated on-site facilities and resources
  • Site control security and safety are enhanced
  • Effective for on-site communication
  • Full technology access and packages are included
  • Thorough competency and apt access checks are ensured
  • The in-house checking requirements are eliminated
  • On-site support functionality to benefit the workforce is provided.

Complete Gatekeeper Access Control Solutions Throughout Leicestershire

One of the vital components of the security system and effective strategy is access control management. Flexibility proves itself of utmost importance to keep your premises and entry points locked in such a way that you can keep your calm even if you are away. Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) is providing access control solution as a part of our gatekeeper security services for a wide range of settings and premises that starts with a single door to a completely networked system relevant across multiple sites.  The solutions we are providing a range from secured simple keypad door release systems to the current biometrics to suit the high-security needs. Anything could be your requirement, all that you need to do is contact us to receive our end-to-end security service - starting with designing, programming, and installation to enabling ongoing maintenance.

Integrated Gate Security Solutions for the critical premises in Leicestershire

When the chief security concern is access control for elevated protection level and management flexibility and monitoring access to make everything work out, then we bring up strong gatekeeper security solutions for access controls, which are seamlessly and fully integrated with the existing security systems including automatic barriers, CCTV and gates. With our help, you are sure to get complete visibility and total control over the entrances that could be access to the car parks, rooms, or cabins and similar internal spaces.

Innovative and Upgraded Access Control System for Gatekeeper Security

Maintaining the rules and regulations, we are continually developing and evolving our access control systems to keep up to gatekeeper security for protection to be more efficient. To put it to work, we are working with market-leading technology service providers for sourcing and recommending the best access control solutions to suit your needs. Whatever you need, whether the proximity sensors like key fobs and cards, hand-free access control, magnetic stripe readers, latest innovative biometrics, and keypad - we are ready to service everything.

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Our customer care department is ready to provide no-obligation and free site services for assessing your property and analyzing the site safety risks. Next, our skilled and efficient systems design surveyors will make you a security solution recommendation so you can decide to purchase it. Through our access control systems, you can easily keep your home and business monitored and protected. You can have full control over the ones having access to your property, at the same time, you shall have a series of features to meet your requirements.

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