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The Best Form of Dog Security Services With Strengthened Guard Dog Handling

The security dogs are trained to sense threats by smell, sight, and sound which leads the dog handlers to the danger, then controlled aggression is used to intimidate attackers and act as a visual deterrent. our trained dog handling unit operatives, work with a wide variety of clients from construction sites and perimeter patrolling at events, to personal protection for blue-chip Where would we be without man's best friend? Especially when they’re highly-trained, intelligent hounds trained to safeguard your property, deter, or apprehend intruders and thieves.

We fulfill the needs of our clients with dog handling and dog security services throughout Yorkshire in varied situations where large land areas need patrolling and the site’s full perimeter needs checking. These specific areas include:

  • Unoccupied Lands, where the intrudes are likely to have taken occupancy
  • Large Sites, that needs full perimeter coverage
  • Drug Detection, that needs the experiences of handlers and expert dog senses
  • Corporate Offices, where the static guard need help for solving the issues
  • High Crime Areas, where the sniffing of security dogs play a crucial role.

Why Do We Rule As the Best Guard Dogs in the Security Industry Throughout Yorkshire?

Guard dogs are never threatened by any kind of intimidating behavior and they are highly efficient to stand up to any kind of trespassers.

  • We are known for providing guard dogs for every one-off event as well as long term solutions all over Yorkshire.
  • We work with highly trained and completely NASDU-compliant dog handlers to keep up to the success of the dog handling security services.
  • Our highly experienced dog handlers are strictly updated with the procedures and practices.

General Dog Handling Services on Purpose Security Patrolling and Guard Dog Security Services

The patrol dogs are brought to the spot where the security officers could be at risk or the areas are large for being patrolled. Being efficiently trained in dog handling services, our dog handlers have successfully achieved many arrests thus acting as skilled and effective deterrents. Our patrol dogs prove their worth for different assignments starting with guarding services at critical infrastructures and even at parks and open spaces.

Security Dog Handlers

Our security dog handlers are dog handling experts who provide the best visual deterrent for identifying the intruders by their scents, sound, and sight. Our dogs are extensively trained in respective skills like searching, intruder detections, patrolling as well as handler protection for night-time use. The dogs are always active and effective at night to use their sense of smell for indicating the intruders.

Static Security Dogs

Abundantly praised for extremely high visual deterrents, our static security dogs can effectively reduce the static guarding. Since they are trained to track the articles, build searches, search and locate, they have made us the champion of different assignments.

Detection Dogs -

Drug Detection: Best-trained drug detection dogs prove their skills for both passive and proactive assignments. 

Explosive Detection

The dogs trained to detect the explosives have received specialist training on the composite explosive substances. They can even detect flares.

Additional Specialist Dogs

We are even providing specially trained dogs to meet the needs of your assignments that include personal protection, rescue, detect tobacco, deter firearms and illegal immigrants, and ensure cash security.

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