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Friendly and Professionally Trained Event Security Guards for Safety Needs in Leicestershire

With extended years of existence, Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) is the leading event security service provider for various events in Leicestershire. We have security solutions befitting wide variety of social and corporate events.

Active Security Guards of CSSSL is Always at the Forefront During the Events

To achieve success for your event, our event security specialists offer a series of services like checking the guests for proper authorization and to monitor their behaviour, crowd safety management, provide first aid and emergency procedure consultations. They take up all the measures to keep your guests safe amidst enjoyment.

Despite the kind of occasion you are planning to hold, you shall always have the close services of our event security to anticipate in potential concerned areas. Our event security team shall devise on a strategy to make sure the event proceeds safely, smoothly and definitely successfully.

The Events Where We Have Provided Event Security Services

Wherever you have decided to set up the occasion in Leicestershire, we provide event security services to the varied commercial and social events like:

  • Weddings
  • Business functions
  • Corporate Seminars
  • Public Events
  • Charity Events
  • Corporate Events
  • Music Festivals
  • Private Parties

When are you scheduling your next event? Make sure to keep up to the safety of your guests. Hire our event security guards for the purpose. Send us an email to receive a free quotation.

Why Choose Us for Protection at Your Events Organized at Leicestershire?

Our specialized event security services have been purposefully designed to ensure with complete peace of mind from the beginning till the end of the event.

  • Comprehensive methods for crowd management and consultation.
  • Collaboration with police force, councils and safety advisory groups.
  • Manned security guarding during after hours, in-hours and break phases of the events.
  • VIP protection for artists, backstage members and chief guests.
  • Pit teams at the front stage.
  • Immediate Incident Response Teams.
  • Traffic Management.

Where Do We Specialise As Event Security Providers?

As the licensed event security company in Leicestershire, we ensure to send you sufficient security guards on site on a daily basis to take care of the events. Hence you need not worry about the security when the occasion goes on. We have excellent experiences and records to handle all size events and make sure to send completely informed and friendly security guards who are approachable during these attendances.

Through our comprehensive monitoring service, we can track all the activities while you can be in peace that efficient event security guards are handling your events’ security. Since we have lot of experiences for many years, so we are accustomed to every ins and outs needed to develop a security plan for ensuring complete security at the events to go on well and free of any harms.

Get Your Competitive Quotation for Event Security Needs Today

The general idea is that as early as you plan for security strategy, it is sure to be more successful. At whatever planning stage you are, give us a call and discuss all your protection needs.

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