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Ensure the Security of Construction Sites by Hiring Security Guards for Mitigating the Risks

All the construction sites in Surrey are different, so each site needs different security measures. The security risks are related to the construction project type as well as to the construction location, the number of people meant for access to the particular site, and the amount of security support among the ones present at the site. Mapping out the weaknesses and shielding these cases effectively is essential, and it is where Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) excel in providing construction site security in Surrey.

We understand that the presence of security guards at the construction sites in Surrey acts as the major deterrent to criminal activities. We have highly skilled and well-trained construction site security guards for securing the premises and patrolling security services for the property and personnel. Our management is equally strong to provide monitoring surveillance equipment, inspecting the site, equipment, access points, and then permitting entry.

What Is the Specialty of our Construction Security?

Our construction security team can be verily relied upon for the services we are offering using our varied and strong skills supported by an efficiently operated, knowledgeable, and attentive team. Our verified services include:

  • Static guards to fulfill singular space security
  • Mobile patrolling guards to provide full ground security
  • Gatehouse control to keep up to personal authorization
  • Access control for staffs’ entrance and departure and permitting the visitors to the site’
  • Signs placement for highlighting CCTV and the related security features in the entire construction area
  • Adding the security fences for improving the site’ protection
  • Handling the necessary deliveries so you can concentrate on the main project
  • Promoting health and safety to ensure complete awareness on the site
  • CCTV and surveillance cameras installation onsite to enhance full service

Our Prime Mission as Construction Site Security Contractor

As an established construction site security contractor, we have the experience to bring out solutions tailor-made to meet your circumstances.  You might need either maximum or minimum support, still, you are always free to converse with us to make sure you are paying for the exact services you are looking for.

Acting as a strong visual deterrent, our security staffs are quick at providing a quick response solution to the threatening situations.  With their presence, the chances of criminal activities like thefts, vandalism, and more, are significantly minimized. Choosing Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS), for construction site security in Surrey, we can be sure of hiring the best security officers in Surrey who shall prove themselves as the greatest building site security officers to prove their worth to the highest industry standards.

Budget-Friendly Construction Site Security Services

Creating a tailored package according to your specified requirements, we are well known for giving you the best protection in a cost-effective means.  Wherever possible, our customized package will be advantageous for proving our dual-role capabilities that include our first aid as well as fire safety training as necessary for construction site security services. Thus, you need not have to compromise with your protection needs.

Why Choose Us?

When you hire our construction site security guards for your site in Surrey, then you have chosen the best construction site security services for construction site security monitoring, thus you can be assured of the following:

  • Prevention of losses and damages as the security officer report the irregularities
  • Informing the law violators regarding the procedures and policies
  • Retraining the trespassers
  • Controlling the traffic by giving directions to the drivers entering and departing from the site.
  • Recording the observations, occurrences, information, and the surveillance activities to complete the reports
  • Interviewing the witnesses
  • Obtaining the attendees' signatures
  • Setting the building and equipment controls and monitoring them for environment maintenance.
  • Organization’s stability and reputation maintenance by coping up with the legal requirements
  • Ensuring equipment operations by taking care of preventive maintenance needs by following the instructions of the manufacturers, troubleshooting malfunctions
  • Informing the authorities for necessary repairs
  • New equipment and techniques evaluation

What can we do for you?

Being the leading construction site security contractor to the major construction sites, our team has developed the most effective range of security services which have proved equally helpful to the clients with safety and budget-oriented services. To relax and continue with your construction work, get in touch with us at the earliest to ensure the entire security of your expensive materials and machinery. Contact us soon for a free quote.

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