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Sometimes in today’s world, it’s hard to feel safe, especially when you or someone you care about feels at risk, whatever the reason. Maybe you’re in the public eye, or have a high profile that draws widespread interest? And, maybe, at times, that interest is not only unwanted but can also feel threatening? Some situations just make you feel that you need someone standing next to you who can protect you from any risks or threats that may arise, whether suddenly or overtime. No one wants to feel that way – and there’s absolutely no reason why you should because the close protectionguarding team at CSSS – we have both male and female bodyguards – understand exactly what you’re going through – and know how to make you feel confident of your personal safety once more with our Close Protection services wherever you are at Yorkshire.

What Supplements and Supports our Close Protection Security Services?

At Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS), we supplement and support our close protection services by:

  • Personal Medical Officers
  • Technical Surveillance Counter-measures
  • Intelligent Gathering
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Trained Security Drivers
  • Protective Surveillance

What is the Specialty of Close Protection Service at Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS)?

Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) offers specifically designed overt and covert close protection security services to meet the vivid needs of the clients based on their Political, Cultural, and Religious requirements. We are able to achieve our mission through:

  • Assessing the risks at the premises before clients arrive and depart
  • Identifying and preventing potential threats through planning and research
  • Giving company to the clients when they are attending business meetings and social events
  • Making sure the clients’ residential premises are secured
  • Providing executive vehicles and drivers
  • Security travel confidants
  • Comprehensive security support services and 24 hours security throughout Yorkshire

How Are We Different From the Close Protection Industry?

Our extended experiences and professional standards in bodyguarding and close protection services enable us in detecting possible criminal issues at the earliest. So our close protection specialists can address the issues and prevent them from being a reality so these do not leave any negative impacts on your day. Relying for the best close security protection services on trained hands, you would not have to be worried in the times of adversities. When you choose to Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS), we are ready to help you in enjoying an uninterrupted be life and easy to deal with unwanted attention.

The Pronounced Specialties of Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS)

  • Non-Invasive and Experienced

We are known for offering close protection and bodyguarding services in the form of non-invasive services based on overt and covert protection, according to your needs. Our management team is an expert at conducting comprehensive risk and threat assessments for determining the best solution befitting our clients and making sure to provide cost-effective services while retaining the quality.

Our voluminous operational experiences enable us to work with the renowned celebrities employed in TV, Music, and Movies, along with national and international Sports Stars while working on related assignments and TV projects. We dutifully fulfill our roles by protecting the clients from unwanted attention and threats possible from the eager paparazzi and overenthusiastic followers. We are even providing secured transport services from one location to the other. The ability we have to respond sooner to the events’ escalation is unparalleled. Hence, our experience proves as the key to keep calm and remain alert under difficult times and pressures.

  • Security Specialists for Covert Protection Services

According to your needs, we are even ready to provide covert protection operations, provide a company to the investigative journalists to work on their assignments throughout the country and even on special projects, which include factual hard-hitting documentaries, and special projects.

We are offering male and female uniformed and formal coverts for:

  • Entire family unit protection
  • Individual protection
  • Residential security management
  • Commercial and private asset protection
  • Private and public event threat assessments
  • VIP - Bodyguarding and close protection driving facilities

Need more information?

When you need more information regarding our close protection, then give us an immediate call or send us an email. Our customer care service department is always at hand to solve your queries so you can have honest and impartial advice.

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