CCTV  Remote Monitoring

CCTV Remote Monitoring

Guaranteed Remote 24-Hours CCTV Monitoring Service in London

Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) is the leading security company for providing 24-hours CCTV remote monitoring services in London to ensure the protection of your home and business all-round the clock.

Remote monitoring CCTV systems have revolutionized the capacity to ensure security and safety in a wide range of different situations. Centralized, remote, and discreet observation is an almost failsafe way of safeguarding your property at any time of the day or night, which makes it a sound investment for any company. Constantly manned by our expert operatives, our remote CCTV systems and CCTV Remote Monitoring are an effective way of preventing security breaches, whether its vandalism, break-ins, or terrorist threats, our CCTV controllers will rapidly identify the threat, immediately arrange the appropriate response, and our officers on the ground will act to neutralize any threat or disturbance.

Why Choose Our CCTV Monitoring Services For Safeguarding Your Property in Surrey?

Corporate Safety and Security Services Ltd (CSSS) is the SIA approved CCTV remote monitoring services contractor. We are providing reliable and free consultations for you to receive peace of mind. Hence, for assured and user-friendly CCTV installation and monitoring services, feel absolutely free to talk to us and help yourself with our FREE and secured professional advice.

Our management team is an expert in offering remote CCTV monitoring that proves their functionality by reacting right just as it has detected the suspicious movement signs within your residential or corporate premises in London. Thus, on detecting the intruder, our system works immediately to take the images through the designated camera and the next stage is transmitting them to a Remote Video Response Center; these keep on working throughout day and night.

The Notable Benefits of our CCTV Monitoring Services in London

Once you take our guidelines and appoint us for our CCTV monitoring services in London, then be assured to receive the following:

  • Ideal live monitoring of your entire office and home space
  • Constant off-site digital recording to keep up to safe surveillance video archiving
  • Logging in with protected personal User ID and password
  • Reliable and flexible Surveillance systems
  • Wide coverage

Our CCTV Monitoring Process

  • First, we connect your CCTV system via the internet to the secured monitoring station so that the CCTV cameras can send images directly to our appointed security personnel.
  • The footage is monitored 24/7 both during and outside normal business hours and when there is no human presence at your property.
  • Our security personnel is informed through our set up smart security systems when the alarm is activated. The cameras are often re-aligned, accordingly zoomed and selection for an alternative viewpoint is done for providing the best view.
  • Then our professional security personnel manually monitors the CCTV footage. They look at the recent footage and the live footage for making a proper assessment of the situation.

In case our Remote Monitoring Center identifies the risks, then we react immediately for managing the situation by either:

  • Directly communicating with the intruders using an inbuilt tannoy system
  • Send you the information as necessary
  • We quickly contact emergency services.

Get in Touch With us at the Earliest

We are always positive about our 24 hours of CCTV monitoring support and maintenance quality services. Give us a phone call for a FREE Remote CCTV monitoring quote or just fill-up the form below to let us know your needs, and we shall give you a callback.

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