Importance Of Body Camera In Security

Importance Of Body Camera In Security

21 May 2020

Body Camera was invented by Gary Cunningham, who is an old-school cop, but he's happy using some new-school technology. Patrolling the alleys and roads in this city of 100,000, Cunningham. The first generation of modern body cameras was introduced around 2005 in the United Kingdom. And was used by the police in the United Kingdom. followed from 2014 onwards by large scale implementation in other countries, mainly to increase transparency and accountability. Other countries have followed the trend, then later years body camera was introduced to security officers, due to the fact that rates of assault and cases against security officers became higher. Only then did the security officers, possibly felt more confident about reporting assaults once they are captured on camera or because the officers did not keep their cameras.

Body camera has become an important instrument security companies uses to protect their officers, by teaching them how to use the body cameras, and also having them wear these body cameras, helps protect a security officer while diffusing aggressive and a confrontation situation, with entire transparency without the security officer being assaulted or accused of anything.

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