Why Security Should Access Control??

Why Security Should Access Control??

08 Jul 2020

For a proper understanding of the text access control, it is a fundamental component of data security that dictates who’s allowed to access and use company information and resources. Through authentication and authorization, access control policies make sure users are who they say they are and that they have appropriate access to company data. Access control can also be applied to limit physical access to campuses, buildings, rooms, and data order word is when access is restricted, either going in or going out of a building, usually involving electronic technology interest. For the basic safety and security reasons, you don’t want just anybody entering and leaving your building, without restrictions Plus, you want to keep tabs on who’s coming in and who’s going out in order to, say, meet fire and safety regulations, Incase there was an incident.

The main reason for access control is to ensure that only authorized personnel, vehicles, and materials are allowed to enter, move within, and leave the company.

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