Why Have Security At Events?

Why Have Security At Events?

21 May 2020

Security guards provide protection and aid for attendees at events like conferences and concerts, parties. These security guards travel to different venues and must familiarize themselves with new surroundings at every new event. Security officers help to maintain order throughout the entirety of the event   helps keep guests and staff safe at any event. A good security team help reduce the risk of damage to the venue, Patrolling the venue, Service area and public areas. conducting search of guest bags and person, before they are granted access, into the venue. taking care of intoxicated people.   Even though the guest Are intoxicated, security has a responsibility to treat them like valued guests. If the security officer determines that that person is not safe to leave on his or her own, the officer is taught to ask if there is someone who can be called to pick them up. That’s is the duty of care the security owe the guest. Advising and helping people with direction, and answering questions when necessary, diffusing incidents and preventing occurrences using “minimal enforcement”; maintaining fire, Health and Safety Regulations and securing the premises. First Aid (if qualified) using “customer care” procedures at all times. All duties to be carried out in adherence with the Health and Safety policy. Care to be taken regarding personal appearance and hygiene at all times. To assure that the standards and policies are followed and maintained, Poor event planning, management, crowd control, security, and ineffective emergency response, increase the likelihood of injuries, property damage and even catastrophic attacks. a safety & security plan begins by defining the risks. Risk is a combination of harm and the likelihood that it will occur.

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